Hertz Coupon Codes


Do you have a business travel and need a car for rent but still don’t know where to find ones? Hertz, a veteran US company in providing international car rental service, could be the right answer for you. Whatever you need from standard rental cars, to sports cars such as the Corvette or Mustang, luxury cars such as Jaguar or fuel efficiency models like the Prius, Hertz has them all.  Besides, with some following tips, you can even save your money for your trips at Hertz.

1.      Signing up to be #1 Club member

My first tip to save money at Hertz is to become a #1 Club member. Just take a few minutes to sign up; you instantly become its member and could enjoy the benefits it brings. Time savings from  faster reservations and rentals is the first and foremost benefit that you will see when become a Hertz  #1 Club member.  Besides saving your golden time, it helps you save your hard-earn dollar with Hertz #1 Club discounts and Special Offer. For instance, now Hertz offers 10% discount for reservations on Source Asia Affordable to its #1 Club member.

2.      Looking for Hertz Discounts and special offer

You could  save even more from great deals and discounts on car rental with Hertz Special Offers. Just browsing to Hertz’s Special Offer page, and choosing the right destination, you could find great offers on car rental that meet your need. For example, now you can rent-a-car from Hertz at participating locations in Europe like Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and UK and enjoy:

+ 10% discount for rentals of 1-3 days

+ 10% discount + EUR 15 off for rentals of 4-5 days

+ 10% discount + one free day for rentals of 6 days or more

Hertz Coupons

3. Getting rental credits

Besides, you could save on rentals at Hertz with Free Rental Day Certificate which could be achieved at 15 rental credits. Here are some ways that help you earn rental credit at Hertz.

+ You can earn one rental credit for with each rental day. So the more you use Hertz service the more you save.

+ By enrollment, you could get rental credits. Specifically, you will automatically get 5 automatic rental credits when you enroll to Hertz, whereas, you could earn an extra 5 rental credits if enrolling online.

+ You could also earn double credit for every rental for the first 90 days after you enroll.

Just simple like that, you could save dollars on rentals at Hertz.

    4. Using Hertz Coupons Code

Using Hertz Coupon Code (Hertz Promo Code) is another effective way to get great discounts on car rentals and business travel that I want to share. With a Hertz coupon code in your hand, you will save much on services which Hertz provided.  Moreover, Hertz Coupons code can also be used with a Counter Discount Program (CDP) or Rate Code (RQ). That means you could even save more on already discounted price. So find and get Hertz coupon codes now to go save on your next car rental.

Above all are just a few ways to help you save your money on car rental at Hertz. Apply them for your next order and see how much money you could save.

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