Book a car with Hertz

Book Your Travel Car with Hertz Store Coupons

Making a booking a rental car from Hertz is as easy as 123 as long as you have strict document to drive well and legally in the USA. To book you car, you can register online in just few step. Just open the Hertz’s website and type the beginning and ending location you want and choose the dates. Before you click on the final send button, you should ensure you have all the necessary documents to make your booking. Use your Hertz car rental coupons to receive huge discounts.

Book a car with Hertz

Book a car with Hertz

Before you book a car with Hertz, you need to be familiar with the rental requirements. Here are some of the requirements that you need to fulfill for you to book a car with Hertz printable coupons.

  • You need to have a current driving license that takes effect and any other necessary documents are required for an international driver. If you have international driving license you have a better chance of getting hiring your car using the Hertz car rental coupons
  • You must be over 23 years to be able to rent a car that is the minimum requirement because you can be fined much money without the driving license.
  • If you exceed the mirage estimation, you will be charged and you can use your Hertz printable coupons to pay for the extra charges.
  • If you plan to drive across the bonder, you should inform Hertz in advance, since there might be driving restrictions in some countries.


When it comes to insurance and fuel, Hertz has taken some measures and you can choose from the one that you are comfortable with. You can also use your Hertz store coupons to pay for the extra charges.

Hertz car rental coupons, you will enjoy the best car rental services ever.

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Enterprise car rental coupons

Enterprise car rental coupons at

Great deals are waiting for you at Hertz, the famous car rental brand all over the world!  Hertz offers attractive enterprise car rental coupons for small businesses. By joining Hertz small business program, you can receive enterprise coupons for your business and discount offers and deals for your personal travel, also. Enterprise coupons are available for all types of cars including budget cars to luxury cars.

Enterprise coupons

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Enterprise rent car program from Hertz offers 20% discount on car rentals and some free rental days. You can also take advantage of special offers and customized billing. Enterprise coupons are available for global destinations at US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

 Ongoing partner offers are available for JetPrivilege members who rent a car with Hertz.  If JP members rent a car for 3-6 days they can double their JP Miles and if the booking is for more than 7 days they can get $25 off besides double JP Miles. JP members who book a car for pick up by Novemeber 30, 2103 can get the benefit of up to 1000 JP Miles and Jet Privilege rates.

Enterprise car rental coupons

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There is another exciting partner offer going on till December 31, 2013 with AsiaWeb Direct. This Stay-Drive Special offers 5% discount on hotel rates with the AsiaWeb Hotels plus 10% off car rentals. You can rent a car at worldwide locations and take advantage of this exciting offer from Hertz and its hotel partner.  For hotel booking you can visit the asiawebdirect website and use the code “HERTZ” while booking. For car rental, you can use the code “CDP 1956168” on Hertz website for 10% discount.

 There are many benefits of renting a car with Hertz. They are easily accessible at nearby locations in your neighborhood. You can book a car of your choice from plenty of makes and models. Hertz vehicles are smoke free and insured for fuel and liability protection. Some cars also have Bluetooth for handsfree conversation. You can book cars for hourly rental and save a great deal of money.

 There are plenty of Hertz car rental coupons available at You can get various deals for weekends, 2- day rental, monthly rental or minimum 28 days rental. Different coupons are available for different classes of cars. There is also a special coupon available for 50+ renters. All the coupons are valid up to December 31, 2013. You can simply print the coupon or use the code online.


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How to Rent a Car in the Germany

When planning a trip to Germany you should take into consideration how you are going to get around the country. One of the best ways to get from place to place is to rent a car. There are a few things you need to know first about renting a car in Germany in order for everything to go as planned.

  • Check your car rental options when planning your trip. This will save you time and maybe save you money as well.
  • You need an international driver’s license to be able to rent your car so make sure you have one before starting your trip.
  • You must have your passport when transacting business with the car rental company so they can verify both you identity and nationality.
  • Although the legal driving age in Germany is 18, you need to be at least 21 years of age in order to rent a car.
  • Germany is the home of some the most sophisticated cars ever made. One thing you should be aware of is that German cars are rarely automatic; so if you cannot drive a manual transmission you should take some lessons before visiting.
  • The best way to secure insurance is through your credit card. Make sure your credit card provider offers insurance coverage deductible in the event of an accident or mishap.

One of the best companies to offer rental service is Hertz. Their cars are top of the line and they offer many discounts for the traveler. Make sure to use a Hertz coupon code when you rent a car in Germany in order to save.

Some Hertz coupon codes you can use when you travel to Germanyinclude:

  • Get EUR25 off when you book a compact or a larger car with Hertz at locations in Europe for five days. Offer expires in August 31, 2013
  • Get 10% Off  Hertz car rental worldwide + extra 5% off discount hotel rates with Asia Web Direct. Offer ends 31 December 2013. For more detail about the offer, click here.

You could also take advantage of other coupons and deals from Hertz on the way to Germany, such as:

  • Get one young driver fee waiver when book a car at participating locations in US, Canada or Australia for 1 day or more. Offer ends 31 August 2013 for booking in US and Canada while expires at 31 December 2013 in Australia.

And the last tip: remember to get your GPS at your rental company so you can travel around Germany easily. Also remember to have your GPS translated to your own language.

Hope you can enjoy your travel to German the most with the above tips!

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Hertz coupons

Hertz Rental Car Coupons – Easy Hiring

Do you travel a lot for your work? Or, are you planning a road trip with your family? Hertz car rental has easy and affordable solutions for all your travel plans. Just visit to find and book the best deal. Hertz is an American car rental organization operating in more than 145 locations worldwide.  Hertz coupons facilitate a wide range of discounts for most of your travel needs.

Hertz coupons

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With these offers, you can double your JPMiles as well as get $25 off by hiring a Hertz car for seven days or more. A 4-day trip to Europe can get you a free one-car class upgrade for an Economy in Mid-size car booking. You can even avail one free day’s rental for over three days at selected locations in Asia!

To avail these offers and many more, visit, select your Hertz coupons and allow Hertz car rental to offload all your travel worries.

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Hertz 20% Off Car Rental

Up to 20% OFF Car Rental Worldwide

Hertz 20% Off Car Rental

From now until January 31, 2013, Hertz is offering 20% Off on Car Renting in many countries in the world. Furthermore, if you book a car with Hertz at participating locations in US and Canada for 6 days or more, you will receive a FREE day. This offer is only valid until February 28, 2013. Book with Hertz and enjoy big savings on car rental!

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